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Click and Study: Click and Study

Click & Study Information

Easing of National Restrictions from 17 May 2021

The safety measures put in place in the Library have not changed, despite the easing of restrictions the government has allowed elsewhere.

  • You MUST wear a face covering at all times (unless exempt) whilst you are in the Library. 
  • You MUST NOT work with anyone else in the Library: all Click & Study bookings are for individual study spaces, even if you are from the same household or social bubble.

We have bookable individual study spaces in the Library, so that you can come in and study.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, study facilities in the Library and terms and conditions for using them have changed, to make sure that you and Library staff are safe. Please read the terms and conditions for using the Click & Study service carefully.

COVID-19 safety rules still apply.

You must wear a face covering in the Library for both Click & Visit and Click & Study bookings. Some members of the Newman community may be exempt from wearing face coverings, and we expect staff and students to be sensitive to these needs.

You must follow the terms and conditions below if you want to use the Click & Study service:

  1. Click & Study is available only when the Library is open.
  2. You must book the study space in advance. Do not come to the Library if you have not booked a study space and have received an email confirmation of your Click and Study booking.
  3. You can book for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 6 hours. Please only book the space for the time you need, so other students can access our study spaces.
  4. You must check in to your study space when you arrive.
  5. You must work only at the space that you have booked. You must not move to a different study space. You are welcome to leave your study space to take a break or fetch books from the shelves.
  6. Only one person can use a study space, except if you have a disability and are bringing a support worker. This applies even if you are living together or are part of the same social bubble.
  7. You must observe social distancing and wear a a face covering when at your study space, even if you are socially distanced from other people (this guidance will be in force until the government issues new advice to universities).
  8. You must not bring children to a Click & Study booking. This is in order to make it possible for everyone to stick to social distancing guidelines.
  9. We may need to add additional restrictions or conditions to our service if we are required to do so because of changing advice or regulations from the University or the government. We will display any further restrictions, conditions or changes in advice at the top of this page.

These terms and conditions are in addition to, and modify, the Library's general policies and regulations.

  1. Follow the ‘Click and Study’ link
  2. Enter your personal details when prompted
  3. Choose a date, and the type of individual study space you wish to use.

You will receive a confirmation email with a code which you will need when you arrive at the Library.

Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis.

There are bookable study spaces on all three floors of the Library. There are a number of different options and features that you can choose when you book:

  • Study spaces that have Newman computers on them are indicated by "pc".
  • You can request a space with power available, so that you can charge any devices you are using.
  • We have more relaxed seating available, in case you prefer this rather than a formal study desk or table.
  • If you prefer to study in silence, we have study spaces without computers available in the Silent Study area on Level 2.
  • Pods and presentation booths are bookable, but only for use by a single person only (unless you have a disability and have a support worker with you). You must keep the door of the pod open for ventilation purposes, as the air-conditioning cannot be used at the moment.

We have some study spaces which have specialist assistive technology attached, including:

  • Height-adjustable desks with and without Newman computers
  • A desk with a book magnifier and text-to-speech scanner
  • A desk with a microfilm reader and print facility

These spaces are not suitable for other study uses - so please only book these if you need to use this equipment.

Subject to demand, you will be able to book the type of study space that best suits your needs.

When you arrive at the Library use your phone, tablet, laptop or pc to check-in.

To get to the Click and Study check in page you have two options:

  • Click on the check-in link on the booking page
  • Scan the QR code at your booked study table using a phone or tablet with a QR reader app
  • Enter the code you were given in your booking confirmation email
  • You can ask Library staff for help if you need it

The information we collect about your visit will be collected and used in line with the practice outlined in the University’s privacy notices for students or staff.

In addition, for up to three weeks following your visit, we will pass details of your visit to the NHS Test and Trace service, if we are required to.

Why would you share my details with NHS Test and Trace?

The UK is currently experiencing a public health emergency as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is therefore critical that organisations take a range of measures to keep everyone safe.

The easing of social and economic lockdown measures following the COVID-19 outbreak is being supported by NHS Test and Trace. The Department of Health and Social Care has asked organisations, including libraries, to support this service by keeping a temporary record of our visitors for 21 days. In the event of a local outbreak of the virus this data may be used to assist NHS Test and Trace as needed. This could help contain clusters or outbreaks.

What if I object to my details being shared with NHS Test and Trace?

Although it is important for the authorities to be able to track and trace contacts of people who may be infected with the COVID-19 virus, you do not have to participate.

The Department for Health and Social Care are clear that this is a voluntary scheme and nobody visiting our premises is required to provide their details for this purpose. If you do not want any booking details you have supplied to be used for Test and Trace purposes please make this clear to a member of staff at the time of your visit.

We will keep a record of anyone who does not want their details passed on, which we will destroy after three weeks.

Frequently asked questions about Click & Study

Some things have changed, to allow us to give you access to the Library while also keeping you and our staff safe:

  • With a Click and Study appointment, you can also:
    • browse the shelves or consult books in the Library
    • borrow or return books
    • use the printer, copier and scanner
    You don't need to book a separate Click and Visit appointment. More details are available on our Click and Visit page
  • If you have booked a table without a computer and want to borrow a Library laptop, we have a small number of laptops that may be available - however they are loaned on a first come, first served basis.
  • During staffed hours, if you have any queries about finding information, writing your references or using the Library you may need to use our email or online chat services in the first instance.

There are extra rules that you will need to observe if you want to use Zoom (or any other videoconferencing services) in the Library:

  1. You must book a Click & Study appointment on level 1 of the Library only
  2. You must bring and use your own headphones for the session
  3. Respect the privacy of other people in your meeting and in the Library when you use a camera or microphone
  4. Be aware of the volume of your voice and talk as quietly as possible
  5. Mute your microphone (and camera, if reasonable) when you are not actively taking part.

We may ask you to stop using Zoom if it is causing a disturbance to other Library users.

You cannot meet other people in person in the Library. You may only use the Library for individual study or virtual meetings.

We know this is frustrating, and look forward to the time when the Library is once again full of students working together: we're just as keen as you are for group work to be able to take place, and will allow group work again as soon as the public health restrictions make this possible.

You must continue to wear your face covering* while at your study space, even if you are socially distanced from other people. We will review this guidance when the government issues new advice on wearing face coverings at Universities. This guidance is in place to control the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and save lives, and we ask for your support and cooperation in following these new rules whilst restrictions remain in place.

* Some members of the Newman community may be exempt from wearing a face covering

Yes, you are welcome to leave your study space and come back to it as often as you like within the time of your booking.

We would encourage you to take regular breaks as part of a healthy study habit, however:

  • Please do not leave valuables unattended in the Library. We cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage to valuables that you leave unattended
  • You must leave the Library if you wish to take a break away from your desk
  • You must not eat hot or smelly food in the Library
  • Hand sanitizer is available as you enter the University, and by the Library entrance
  • Desks are cleaned daily by housekeeping staff
  • There are 'Cleaning Stations' available on each level of the library, for you to sanitise your study space if you want to
  • When books are returned to the Library, they are quarantined for 72 hours before being reshelved

Video guide to Click & Study

Our 5-minute video takes you through the Click & Study process, from booking through to finding your study space and checking in.

Study space examples

Example of an individual study space without power socket or reading light

Individual study space

An example of a bookable study space with a PC

Individual study space with computer

Example of a study desk with a power socket and reading light

Individual study space with power socket and reading light

Example of relaxed seating

Individual study space with relaxed seating and power socket

Example of study space with relaxed seating and no power socket

Individual study space with relaxed seating

Example of heigh-adjustable desk

Individual study space with height-adjustable desk, power socket and reading light

Example of individual study space with height-adjustable desk and computer

Individual study space with height-adjustable desk and computer

Example of individual study space with access to assistive technology

Individual study space with access to assistive technology

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