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Library Search - the new Library catalogue

This page provides updates to staff and students about the new Library catalogue - Library Search.

What we need you to do

If you are a member of teaching staff and you have links to items on the old Library Catalogue in any of your Moodle pages or teaching materials, you will need to update these with links to the items on Library Search instead, as the old links will stop working shortly.

Timeline and deadline

Library Search goes live on Wednesday 3rd August, so you can start working on this from that date onwards. All old links need to be updated before September teaching starts as they will cease to work once teaching begins. This includes modules taught later in the year.

How to do it

New Borrowing Rules

In order to implement the new Library Search, we have had to review our circulation policies - put simply, we have changed some of the rules around borrowing books from the Library. The new rules will come into effect from Wednesday 3rd August.

The biggest change is that all Main Collection items will now be one-week loans, although they will continue to automatically renew. This change is to ensure fairness in the circulation of library stock. Watch this short video for a summary of the key points.

Read a transcript of this video

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