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Library Search - the new Library catalogue

This page provides updates to staff and students about the new Library catalogue - Library Search.

What does this mean for me?

  • The switch to Library Search should be seamless, so there is nothing that you need to do. Any items that you currently have out on loan will be transferred onto your Library Search account.

  • Once we've switched, you should find that you receive far fewer emails from the Library - the only emails that you will receive from us are ones that require action from you (e.g. return a book because it's been reserved by somebody else).

  • Once you start searching for books and journal articles using Library Search, you will find that searching for and accessing the resources you want to read will be a simpler process than it was using the old Library catalogue.

  • Once the new academic year starts, your Academic Service Librarian will visit you in class to show you how to use Library Search and answer any questions you may have.

New Borrowing Rules

In order to implement the new Library Search, we have had to review our circulation policies - put simply, we have changed some of the rules around borrowing from the Library. The new rules will come into effect from Wednesday 3rd August.

For most students, this means you can borrow more books, receive fewer fines, and no confusing emails from the Library. Watch this short video for a summary of the key points.

Read a transcript of this video

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