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Online Library - linking to, from Moodle

How to create links in Moodle to resources from Newman University Library

How do I link to an item on Library Search from Moodle?

This technique will create a shareable link for all types of Library resources - physical and digital - that have a record on Library Search.

Step 1

Find the item you wish to link to on Library Search.

Step 2

Check the details of the item to make sure it is the correct version, edition, etc.

You can sometimes do this from the preview of the resource in the search results, or else by clicking on the title to open the full record.

Step 3

Click on the 'Share' button (with the branching diagram lcon). A pop-up box will appear.

A Library Search search result list. The Share button has a mouse pointer over it and is highlighted

Step 4

Under the heading 'Link' in the pop-up box, the Library Search record address will be displayed. Click on the button 'copy link' underneath this to copy the link to the clipboard.

The link will contain "" followed by the resource's item number.

The 'Share' pop-up box with the mouse pointer over the highlighted 'copy link' button

Step 5

Paste the URL that you have just copied to the clipboard into the appropriate URL field in the Moodle resource that you are creating.

If you are not ready to create the resource on Moodle but need a place to put the link in the meantime, then use Notepad or another plain text editor - but do not use MS Word. When you copy a link from a MS Word document it adds formatting that corrupts the link so it will not work properly when you paste it in to Moode!

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