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Copyright - staff: What regulations govern copyright?

About copyright and educational resources for staff - what it is and how it affects you
  • Statute law (e.g. The Copyright, designs and patents act, 1988 in the UK) gives copyright holders certain rights.

  • What the law permits will vary according to where in the world the item was created.

  • Rights granted by the law can be sold, inherited or given away, and often rights-holders make some or all of their rights available by using licenses or specific permissions.

  • These licenses or permissions will give the terms under which the rights may be used, and detail the rights being given.

  • Where no license is available – or an available license is not purchased – the terms of the basic statute law apply.

  • ‘Making copies available’ is one of the rights reserved in law. To make copies available on Moodle or by supplying them to a class is not allowed by statute law, and can only be done if a license or other permission exists.

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