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Ordering resources

How to order books and other resources for the Library

Ordering books and other resources for the Library

We aim to purchase and provide books, journals, e-resources and scans to support the needs of individual modules and, where possible and appropriate, the research activity of the University. Our Collection Development Policy (PDF) gives further details.

Book orders

You can place requests at any time by emailing your Academic Service Librarian with the following information:

  • bibliographic details - author, title, publisher, date of publication and ISBN
  • ebook requirement or number of print copies required
  • preferred loan type (7-day, reference or School Experience)
  • your Library book fund (History, Criminology, ITE-Primary etc.)

We may need to get authorisation for the order from your Head of Subject, Subject Leader, or Programme Leader - whoever signs off on that book fund.

We'll try to place book orders immediately, unless there aren't enough funds in the relevant book fund or if we have reached the end of year ordering deadline - in which case we'll let you know and hold your request until the new financial year.

Journal subscriptions

We encourage academics to review the relevancy of our journal holdings, and to consider new subscriptions or cancellations when appropriate. However, above-inflation price increases mean that we do need to be realistic about any new subscriptions – so we suggest that you try to balance cancellations and new subscription requests whenever possible. As we subscribe to journals on an annual basis, cancellations and new subscriptions normally take several months to put into place.