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Reading strategies - Getting started

Getting started creating a Reading Strategy

Getting started developing your reading strategy

To create your reading strategy you need to:

  1. Formulate the strategy you intend to use

  2. Make sure that your strategy will work for your students

  3. Communicate the strategy in two forms –

  1. As a reading strategy – a summarised version for validation, outlining the approach and costs

  2. As reading for the module – communication for students giving specific details and access arrangements

This suite of pages will help you with all of these steps.

The set of questions has been assembled jointly by academic and library staff to systematically take you through the issues you need to consider when you think about how your students will get access to the material you expect them to read. It is a starting point for your creative reflection, not an exhaustive list of considerations.

Work your way through the different sections to help you build up a strategy to address the reading requirements of your module(s).

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