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Reading strategies - Getting started: Your pathway

Getting started creating a Reading Strategy

If there are different pathways through your course, you will need to consider whether pathway-specific skills, or types/methods of reading are required, and how these skills will be acquired or built on within the pathway structure.

Think about whether there are resources or expectations that will span the whole pathway. For example, is there a particular source-book or course-reader that will be useful across the whole pathway?

Is there a single ‘vision’ guiding the use of resources within the pathway – and how the pathway interfaces with its parent programme?

Ask yourself these questions:

Is there a distinctive pathway within the course that my module falls into?

  • Does the pathway follow a similar set of assumptions to its parent course in respect of reading strategies?

  • Does the pathway follow a predominantly Social Science, Science or Humanities framework? Is this the same as the parent course?

  • Does that have implications for the skills that my students will require to be successful?

Is there a pathway-level set of reading requirements or purchasing recommendations?

  • Can I assume that students on this pathway will already own / will have read any particular texts or sources?

  • Are there any societies or professional bodies that students will be expected to join?

Will all the students on the module be part of the same pathway / course?

  • Are there Top-Up students, transfer students or joint-honours students who may not have the same experience or background as the rest of the group? How will I address this?

  • Might some students require reinforcement or extension of their existing skills to reach an equitable level of competence with their peers? Will this be available formally or informally? Who will provide this? Is that person / department aware that this may be required?

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