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Reading strategies - What are they?

What is a Reading Strategy?

Reading strategies - What are they, and how do I create one for my module?

Every module needs a number of strategies to run effectively and support students in achieving the learning outcomes for the module and the course. For example:

  • a teaching strategy – how you will deliver your material and involve students in effective participation and active engagement with the module

  • an assessment strategy – how you will make sure that students have mastered the material, met objectives and developed relevant skills and knowledge

Equally important is the reading strategy – how you will make sure that students can engage appropriately with the literature of the module in a way that allows them to engage successfully with their learning.

You are responsible for developing suitable strategies across these areas, and making sure that they are fit for purpose.

Your reading strategy addresses four essential questions:

  • What resources do I want my students to use?

  • How will I make them available in ways that suit the teaching and learning practicalities of the module?

  • How will I let the students know what I expect?

  • How will I make sure the students have the skills required to use the resources I have identified?

You may want to include:

  • Recommendations of material for students to purchase

  • Estimates of the costs to students of purchasing essential texts

  • Estimates of the quantity of reading required to succeed

  • Guidance on books, journals and other materials to read

  • A set-text or course pack

  • Skills-development opportunities

We have produced a range of guidance to help you think through the various issues and approaches involved.

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