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Students: International students

Newman University Library student home page - for everything you want to know about us and our services

Welcome to the Library!  We hope you enjoy being a student at Newman University and living in Birmingham.


Online resources

Some of our resources in the online library can be searched using languages other than English.

You may find Oxford Reference Online useful as it includes:

  • Bilingual dictionaries
  • The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar
  • The Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language
  • Business dictionaries in Spanish and French

Language resources

We have books on English grammar and dictionaries on our shelves at these shelfmark numbers:

423            English dictionaries

425            English grammar and use

428.24      English as a second language

433            German-English dictionaries

443.21      French-English dictionaries

453            Italian-English dictionaries

463.21      Spanish-English dictionaries

469.321    Portuguese-English dictionaries

489.3        Greek-English dictionaries

491.73      Russian-English dictionaries

495.1        Chinese-English dictionaries

We know that some words you will see or hear when using the Library are not familiar. Here’s a glossary or explanation of some of them:


Summary of a journal article


A piece of writing published in a newspaper or journal

Bibliographic database

Contains references for and details of journal articles, such as author, title, publisher etc. There will sometimes be an abstract too.


A list of books and articles which has been used in a piece of written work


A list of all the books and other resources in the library, which shows the shelfmark for the items to help you find it and whether it is out on loan


A reference to a source used in your (or someone else’s) work.

Due date

Your books are due back at the library on or before the due date shown on the self-service kiosk receipt or on My Account on the library catalogue. You may be able to renew your books if no-one else has reserved them. If you don’t return or renew your book before the due date you will be fined.


An electronic version of a book which you can access from the library catalogue


An electronic version of a journal which you can access from the library catalogue


If you return an item to the library after the due date you will be fined


The volumes or issues of a journal which are available in the library

Inter library loan

If Newman does not have a particular book or journal article we can try to get it from another library for you


Similar to a magazine but it contains academic articles and research


Used to describe the subject you are researching and can be used when searching for resources

Open Athens

A password or authentication system which gives you access to online resources

Reference item

Some items, such as dictionaries are ‘reference only’ and cannot be taken out of the library


You can renew an item you have on loan so that you can keep it for longer if no-one else has reserved it.


If all the copies of an item are out on loan you can reserve it using the library catalogue. We will email you when the item is available for you.


Books are kept on the shelves in shelfmark order, so that books on similar subjects are shelved together

Same language, different words

In the UK we use different words for some of the library terms you might be used to:

Call Number

UK term: Shelf mark

Check out

UK term: Borrow (or: Lend – You borrow, we lend)


UK term: Reserve


UK term: Short Loan / Short Loan Collection


UK term: Book shelves

More help and useful links

Birmingham public library services offer resources which may be useful for you, including English grammar and foreign language books and newspapers. Anyone who lives, works or studies in Birmingham can join.

Newman University has a useful Erasmus and Exchange Students page.

For the most up to date COVID-19 related changes, check our COVID-19 webpage.

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