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English: Journals

Our guide for English students - helping you make the most of the library

Using journals and journal articles

Journals, along with newspapers and magazines are a type of resource which may also be called 'periodicals' or ‘serials’. They are often published monthly or quarterly, and usually contain a number of articles by different authors.

Journals are different from newspapers and magazines because the articles that they contain are more

  • academic in tone
  • specialized by subject
  • detailed
  • often written by academics and experts in their field

Why read a journal article rather than a book? Articles are generally more up to date and may deal with a narrower aspect of a topic than a book or chapter.

The best way to find journal articles is to use Library Search.

  • If you’re looking for a specific article type the author’s name and title
  • If you’re looking for a topic type key words or phrases into the search box

Once the search has finished, you can use ‘Refine your search options’ (may display as + on some devices) to narrow down your results.

If you're looking for a journal title (the whole publication, not just a single article within it), put the journal title into the search bar and limit your results to "Journal, Magazine" under the Material Type filter on your results page. Once you've found the journal, you can:

  • go to a specific year and volume / issue of a journal if we have it online
  • just browse the journal online

If we have a printed copy of the journal, you will find it on Level 1 of the library, shelved in alphabetical order by journal title, then by year and volume / issue number.

This guide also has a list of journal titles we think are relevant to you in the ‘Top Journals’ section. Just click on the link to be taken directly to that journal in our journal finder.

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