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Guide to History: Books, E-books and Reference

Our guide to History - helping you make the most of the library

Finding books and e-books

Your first stop to find books and e-books is our library catalogue.

The catalogue will tell you:

  • whether we have an e-book or a print book
  • where you can find a print book on our shelves using the shelfmark
  • how many copies we have and - if they’re out on loan - when they’re due back

To only see e-books in your search results, choose ‘Refine your search options’ (may display as + on some devices) then choose ‘Internet’ under ‘Library Location’.

When you’re connecting to an e-book you may need to log into OpenAthens before you can open it.

Using reference sources

Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks and other reference sources can help you find your way into your assignment reading or research. They're also great if you need a quick definition or an overview of a subject.

Printed reference sources

Many of these sources are in our Reference section on level 1 of the library.

Online reference sources

Links and search boxes for our key online reference sources are available below. If you are not on campus, you may need to sign in to OpenAthens to use these resources.

Shelf locations for History

World History (General) 909
Ancient History (General) (to c.499CE) 930s
-- Ancient Rome 937
-- Roman Britain 936.104
-- Ancient Greece 938
European History (General) 940s
-- World War 1 940.3
-- World War 2 940.53
-- British and Irish History 941
-- Victorian Britain 941.081
-- History of England and Wales before 1603 942
-- German History (General) 943
-- Nazi Germany (1933-45) 943.086
-- French Revolution (1789-1803) 944.04
-- Reign of Napoleon (1804-1815) 944.05
North American History (General) 970s
-- United States History 973
British Empire 325.341
Education - Primary History 372.89
Education - Secondary History 375.9

Recommended History e-books