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Policies and regulations: Library User Policy

Our policies, terms and conditions and expectations for using the library

Library User Policy

Aims and principles

The Library service is designed to support the learning and research needs of the students and staff of Newman University.

A core role of the Library is to share resources and space.

We do this by:

  • loaning library materials for fixed periods of time

  • providing e-resources for use on and off campus, where possible

  • defining areas of the Library for particular activities and different types of behaviour

  • providing bookable group study spaces

  • providing computers and IT networks in the Library

  • providing scanned extracts of copyright material for Moodle courses

In order to provide an effective service to all library users, these activities and services all have policies or licence terms you must observe. Where you do not respect these policies or terms, we may take disciplinary action.

Who can use Newman University’s Library?

  • Staff and students of Newman University

  • Visiting scholars registered as members of the University

  • Staff and students of other UK universities who are registered through the SCONUL Access scheme

  • External members who have joined using a specific scheme - including alumni, former staff members, prospective students or members of our Revision Space scheme.

  • Members of the West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy, whose library collection is housed on Level 1 of the Library.

Please note: External members of Newman University Library and visitors do not have access to the computers, electronic networks or electronic resources belonging to or licensed to Newman University.

Visitors’ Wi-Fi is available throughout the Library.

People who are not members of the Library – who do not have an ID card – can only come in when we have staff on duty. You must follow the same rules of behaviour as our full members. If not, you may be asked to leave the Library by a member of Library, University or Security staff.

Unaccompanied under-18 year olds are only allowed in the Library under the terms of the Revision Space scheme.

Terms and conditions

As a member of Newman University Library, you accept the following terms and conditions when you use Library services:


  • I will not remove materials from the Library unless they have been issued to my account

  • I will return, or renew, library materials by their due date

  • I will not use any library card except my own

  • I will not allow anyone else to use my library card

  • I will pay any fines resulting from the late return of library materials

  • I will pay the Library to replace any library material I do not return or which is lost or damaged while in my possession



  • I will treat other library users, including staff, with respect and consideration

  • I will conduct myself appropriately in accordance with Library zoning and following the guidance on signs displayed in the Library

  • I will disclose my personal details to a member of staff of the University when their request is reasonable

  • If instructed to do so by a member of staff, I will move to a more appropriate zone of the Library, or leave the Library entirely

  • I will not stay in the Library outside its scheduled opening hours

  • I will not leave a child in my charge unsupervised in the Library

  • I will not eat hot food within the Library (Definition: ‘Hot food’ was served hot, whether it is hot or cold at the time you eat it)

  • I will clear any waste to the appropriate rubbish bins or recycling facilities

  • I will not intentionally cause damage to library property or facilities

  • I will comply with the University’s General Conditions of Use of Computing and Network Facilities and Information Security Policy when I use the University’s computers or networks



  • I will respect the intellectual property rights of creators and rights owners

  • I will not share my usernames or passwords with anyone else, and will not share materials with those who are not entitled to use them


Penalties and enforcement

If I breach these terms and conditions:


  • I may be asked to leave the Library by a member of Library or Security staff or by a senior member of university staff.

  • I may be:

  • required to temporarily suspend my access to the Library

  • issued with a written reprimand

  • issued with a final warning

  • fined up to £100

  • required to pay up to £500 in compensation for damage to or loss of University property

  • in the case of more substantial or repeated allegations of misconduct I may be reported to the Director of Library and Learning Services, the University Secretary/Registrar or the Human Resources department for further disciplinary action.



  • I may be asked to leave the Library by a member of Library, University or Security staff

  • My membership of the SCONUL Access scheme may be permanently withdrawn

  • I may be reported to my home Library for further disciplinary action



  • I may be asked to leave the Library by a member of Library, University or Security staff

  • Following a disciplinary meeting with the Director of Library and Learning Services, or her authorised deputy, I may be:

    • fined up to £100

    • required to relinquish my membership of the Library, and, in this event, I will not be entitled to the return of my membership fee



  • I may be asked to leave the Library by a member of Library, University or Security staff

  • I may be forbidden from using the Library in the future


Breaches of the University’s General Conditions of Use of Computers and Network Facilities will be reported to the Director of IT and/or the University Secretary/Registrar for further disciplinary action.

You can download a pdf version of this policy below.

Last updated 08/11/2019

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