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Using the library: Zones

Our services and facilities - computers, study zones, online library, disability support and dyslexia support

Our different Library zones

We offer 3 different zones in the Library so you can study or work in the way that’s best for you.


You are welcome in any zone as long as you behave in the appropriate way. This means you should:

  • recognise that all of the Library is a place for study and research - if you just want to meet up with friends, there are other spaces outside the library where you can chat as much as you like
  • wait for or leave sessions in the 3 teaching rooms in the library quietly - other students are trying to work, so please keep conversations at an appropriate level
  • treat others with respect and consideration
  • treat staff with respect and follow their instructions when asked
  • eat and drink if you wish - but not hot food (food that was served hot, whether hot or cold at the time you are eating it)
  • clear away all rubbish and litter to bins and recycling containers
  • never leave your belongings unattended

The 3 types of zones are:

Learning Zone

Level 1 of the Library

This zone is perfect if you want to work together to discuss your assignments, plan projects, or share ideas. This is still a study area, so you mustn’t disturb other people by talking too loudly.

Quiet Zone

Level 0 of the Library

Level 2 of the Library (including the Bridge leading to Student Support)

If you want to work quietly - either individually or in small groups – this is the zone for you. We don't expect you to be silent here, low level conversations are fine. 

Silent Zone

Level 2 (beyond the Local History Collection)

Library Training Room CH204 on Level 2 (when not in use for training)

If you want to work in silence, use this zone. We don’t allow any conversation here or noisy foods and food packaging. Please make sure there is no sound from your technology – use headphones and put your phone into silent mode.

Library study zones

The plan shows the whole of the lower floor of the library, Level 0 is a Quiet zone.

The plan shows the whole of the entrance floor of the library, Level 1 is a Learning zone.

The plan shows the whole of the upper floor of the library, Level 2. Most of this floor is a Quiet zone. 2 areas are Silent zones. 1 is a computer room. Turn left from the lift and the room is on your left. The other silent zone has desks without computers. Turn right from the lift and the area is at the end of the library.

For the most up to date COVID-19 related changes, check our COVID-19 webpage.

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