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Borrowing - visitors: Borrowing - visitors

Borrowing from the library for visitors - how many, how long, how to renew and reserve and all about overdues and fines

How many books can I borrow and how long can I borrow them for?

The number of books you can borrow and for how long, depends on the visitor access arrangement you are using.

How many loans?
  • 6 items
For how long?
  • Standard loans - 3 weeks
  • Week loans - 1 week
  • School Experience Resources - 6 weeks
How many loans?
  • 30 items
For how long?
  • Standard loans - 90 days
  • Week loans - 1 week
  • School Experience Resources - 90 days
How many loans?
  • 15 items
For how long?
  • Standard loans - 4 weeks
  • Week loans - 2 weeks
  • School Experience Resources - 6 weeks
How many loans?
  • 15 items
For how long?
  • Standard loans - 3 weeks
  • Week loans - 1 week
  • School Experience Resources - 6 weeks
How many loans?
  • None
For how long?
  • Reference only

Fines and overdue items

We charge fines for overdue items to encourage you to return them on time. This helps everyone get access to books.

Our fines are:

Type of loan

Fine per day

Maximum fine amount

Standard loans

20p per day

up to £10.00 per item

Week loans

50p per day

up to £10.00 per item

You will be blocked from borrowing and renewing if:

  • your fines add up to £10.00 or more
  • you keep items overdue for more than 21 days

To remove the block you need to return overdue items and pay your fines.

We send an email to you 2 days before items are due. If you don’t receive it, you are still responsible for returning items on time and for any fines.

We send you e-mail reminders about overdues. After 4 emails, if you still haven’t returned your overdue items, we will send you a letter. Our last resort is to refer you to a debt collection agency.

Postal loans

You can ask us to send you some books within the UK and Ireland by post using our Postal loan request form - email your completed form to us.

We charge £7.50 for each request (you can have up to 4 books per request) to cover postage and packing. You can pay over the phone using a credit or debit card and we will start on your request as soon as we have your completed form and payment.

We do not post:

  • books available as e-books

  • reference materials

  • School Experience artefacts

  • week loans

The items:

  • are your responsibility as soon as they are loaned to your borrower account.

  • should reach you within 2 days. We will let you know about any delays in sending them. If you have not received them within 3 days, please contact us.

  • are sent recorded delivery, so you will need to sign for the parcel.

You can return items in person or by recorded delivery post, but you will receive fines if they arrive with us after the due date.

Renewing books

You can renew loans (up to 50 times), unless someone else has reserved them.


  • ‘My Account’ in the library catalogue
  • our self-service kiosks
  • email to
  • phone (0121) 476 1181 ext. 1208
  • Library Service Desk by the library entrance

Keep track of your loans with ‘My Account’ on the library catalogue.


Is the item you want on loan? You can reserve it using the library catalogue.

You can make up to 5 reservations at one time.

We email you when your reserved item is available.

If there is a reservations queue, we loan the item to you for a week.

You can cancel a reservation using ‘My Account’ on the library catalogue or ask us to cancel it for you.

My Account link to library catalogue

My account

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