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Neurodiversity event

Neurodiversity events

The Library is running two 'Neurodivergent Space' events in December to celebrate Disability History month. These two events are to cater to a wide range of neurodiversity. Read on to find out more and pick the event that suits you. You are welcome to come to both events. You can drop-in any time and you do not need to book.

Dates, Place and Time

Dates: Monday 4 December and Monday 11 Deccember

Place: Room CH004

Directions: Enter the Library through the main entrance and take the stairs down to level 0. Turn left and back on yourself at the bottom of the stairs. If you take the lift from Level 1 to Level 0, turn right out of the lift and then left once you pass the stairs. CH004 will be the classroom directly in front of you.

Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm

Drop in any time! There is no need to book.

Monday 4 December: Social space, networking and group activities

Hosted by Simon Satchwell Giles

This will be a more social event. Noise level will be higher and group activities will be encouraged.

This event is perfect if you:

  • Want to meet and talk to neurodiverse people from around Newman
  • Want to discuss issues around neurodiversity: stories, superpowers, trials or tribulations
  • Enjoy group and social activities, such as board games (there will be a mixture of competitive and co-operative games on offer!)

Please email Simon if you have any questions about the event.

Monday 11 December: Chill-out space, solo and small group activities

Hosted by Amelia Manning

This will be a calmer, more relaxed event. Noise level will be lower and solo or quiet, small group activities are encouraged.

This event is perfect if you:

  • Want a calm environment away from the hustle and bustle of campus with reduced stimulation
  • Want a place to sit without feeling under pressure or an expectation that you have to talk to other people or join in with activities
  • Enjoy mindful and calming activities that you can do on your own or in small groups, such as reading, colouring, cross-stitch or card-games.

Please email Amelia if you have any questions about the event.

Who can attend?

These sessions are open to all students who identify as neurodiverse.

We will be providing name badges and colour and shape code of communication:

  • Green Circle - happy to chat with others, partake in group activities.

  • Blue Square - individual activities, do not want to be interrupted.

About the room

Both sessions will be held in CH004. Enter the library on level 1, turn left and go down the stairs, CH004 is on the left.

We will be reducing sensory stimuli as much as possible. We will have the overhead fluorescent lights turned off and have a series of lamps available. We will turn off PC's and other technology that create background noise. 

We will have a range of furniture available, including tables, stationary table chairs and movable chairs. Furniture will be arranged so you can sit alone or in a group. You are welcome to sit on the floor.

What's available?

We will be providing the following activities for you to partake in, either individually or in groups.

  • Card games - Playing Cards for Solitaire/Snap etc, UNO
  • Board Games - both competitive and co-operative games will be available
  • Jigsaws
  • Cross-stitch, knitting and crochet
  • Colouring sheet and pencils, drawing
  • Books from our Wellbeing collection
  • Kahoot
  • Guided discussion topics on Neurodiversity

Last reviewed: 28 November 2023

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