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Reading Strategies Guide

At course level

At the highest level, you will need to consider whether or not there is a single ‘vision’ guiding the use of resources across the programme, for example:

  • Is the primary means of accessing resources going to be through course readers?
  • Will there be required purchases? And if so, how many will be appropriate across the whole student life-cycle?
  • Is there a systematic progression across different forms of literature (eg. from primarily books at level 4 to primarily journal articles at level 6)?
  • Will the course use a common method of communicating reading guidance to students or will that vary according to personal style?

Think, too, about how to build in the systematic development of the skills required to find, read, understand and recast the relevant reading material.

The Course's approach to reading

Is there a single ‘vision’ guiding the whole programme? If so:

  • Is there a course-level approach to communicating reading guidance to students?
  • How much independence of approach is granted to an individual module within the course?
  • Are there particular needs that students on this course might have that might affect the range of resources that are appropriate for them to use? For example, are they located away from Birmingham? Are they learning online?

Course-level reading lists, 'background reading', availability and access

  • Is there an introductory set of reading / purchasing recommendations that students receive prior to the start of their studies?
  • Can you assume that students on this course will already own / will have read any particular texts or sources?
  • Are there any societies or professional bodies that students will be expected to join?

Students' skills and experience of finding and using resources

Have students been given the opportunity to develop the relevant skills to successfully find and use the reading material across the course as a whole? If so, where and when?

  • In a specific module? Has there conscious reinforcement through other modules?
  • Embedded systematically across a range of modules, but developing specific skills in individual modules?

Last reviewed

Last reviewed: 14 March 2024

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