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Guide to books and e-books

E-book suggestions from the Psychology team

Guide to books and e-books

For books and e-books Library Search will:

  • tell you whether we have an e-book, a print book, or both and how many copies we have
  • tell you where you can find a print book on our shelves using the shelfmark
  • link directly to the e-book if it is available

Library Search can also allow you to search for books outside of the Birmingham Newman Library collection and order an inter-library loan.

Finding books in the Library

A 'shelfmark' or 'call number' is a number that tells you where a book an be found in the library. Our main lending collection is on Level 2. Each row of shelves has a poster on the end that tells you what shelfmarks can be found there.

You can use the table on this page to see the general areas that main topics in your subject are shelved. Sometimes, casually browsing the shelves can turn up some great resources!

A shelfmark with two or three letters preceding it means that the book is not shelved in the main collection.

  • SE means it will be in our School Experience Collection on Level 0
  • LH means it will be in the Local History Collection on Level 2
  • REF or JHN is for the Reference or John Henry Birmingham Newman Collections on Level 1. You cannot borrow books from these collections: they can only be used in the Library.

Shelf locations

Main subject Shelfmark
Counselling and guidance 361.06
Research methods 001.42
Psychology 150
Social development 155.418
Applied psychology 158
Interpersonal relations 158.2
Sociology 301
Therapy 616.891
Psychotherapy 616.8914
Gestalt therapy 616.89143
Group therapy 616.8915
Psychological and activity therapies  616.8916

West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy Collection

The West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy (WMIP) is a Birmingham-based organisation that promotes study and research in psychotherapy.

We host its printed reference collection on level 1 of the library.

You are welcome to browse the shelves and use any of the resources, however, you cannot borrow or take them out of the library.

Last reviewed: 14 November 2023

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