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Guide to Journals and articles

Journal suggestions

Using Library Search for journals and articles

Library search can:

  • tell you whether we have access to an article, or a subscription to a journal
  • link directly to the article or journal if it is available

Library Search will also allow you to search for books and articles outside of the Birmingham Newman Library collection and order an inter-library loan.

What are journals and articles for?

Journals, along with newspapers and magazines are a type of resource which may also be called 'periodicals' or ‘serials’. They are often published monthly or quarterly, and usually contain a number of articles by different authors.

Journals are different from newspapers and magazines because the articles that they contain are more

  • academic in tone
  • specialized by subject
  • detailed
  • often written by academics and experts in their field

Why read a journal article rather than a book? Articles are generally more up to date and may deal with a narrower aspect of a topic than a book or chapter.

Last reviewed: 10 January 2024

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