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Policies and regulations

Our policies, terms and conditions and expectations for using the library

Our service expectations

Welcome to your Library

We can offer you:

  • a collection of resources – print and online

  • a number of services

  • support and guidance

  • a place to work

For you to get the best out of the Library, we also expect some things from you.

What do we expect from you?

You can:

  • ask us, when you aren’t sure how to find what you want or how to use our services.

  • come to Library workshops – as part of your timetabled classes or from our range of optional workshops.

  • borrow printed books.

  • use the e-books, e-journals and other e-resources we provide.

  • use our inter-library loans service to get unusual or specialist literature from other libraries.

  • use Library space to study, use the computers or work with other students or colleagues.

  • use our website to find out more about what we offer.

  • ask us for guidance on how to reference your reading appropriately in your assignments.

  • keep up to date with our Twitter feed or our social media pages.



  • treat each other with respect and consideration.

  • keep usernames and passwords secure and never share them.

  • only remove library items from the library if they have been properly issued to you.

  • return - or renew - library items by their due date.

  • respect copyright and intellectual property rights of authors and creators.

  • pay any fines you incur if you return or renew library materials late.

  • pay the Library to replace any library material you do not return or which is lost or damaged while in your possession.

  • let us know if you are having problems using the Library or its services.

  • read and respond to emails or letters we send you.



  • treat each other with respect and consideration.

  • follow the guidance on signs displayed in the Library.

  • keep conversations to an appropriate level for the study zone you are in.

  • use technology quietly – turn phones to silent and use headphones.

  • log off and remove your belongings from a study space or computer if you are going to be away for longer than it takes for a short errand.

  • keep hot or smelly food outside the Library, and clear away all rubbish. (Definition: ‘Hot food’ was served hot, whether it is hot or cold at the time you eat it)

  • bring your University ID card with you, to enter the building, to borrow and sometimes to return library materials.

  • be careful of your belongings and don’t leave them unattended.

  • let us know if you are disturbed by other library users, by contacting us in person or at

  • closely supervise any children you have with you, making sure their behaviour is appropriate to the zone you are in and that they are comfortable and secure.


What can you expect from us?

We aim to:


  • provide books, journals and other library materials to support the reading strategies of your courses and modules.

  • provide these resources in electronic formats that allow use on or off campus, where possible.

  • lend you books and other library materials that support your courses and modules.

  • provide scans of individual book chapters and articles for your tutors to include on your Moodle courses.

  • provide workshops and one-to-one support to help you make best use of the facilities and services we offer.

  • provide a search tool and lists of library resources, so you can find what we own.

  • listen to you and provide opportunities for you to feedback and comment on our services – by using our comments scheme and attending Staff Student Consultative Committees and other departmental meetings and briefings.

  • provide guidance on how referencing works and on the University’s standard referencing system.

  • work with lecturers to understand the reading strategies they use to support and develop your learning.

  • work with lecturers to provide resources and workshops to support these strategies.

  • provide access to unusual and specialist reading materials through the inter-library loan service.

  • give you opportunities to recommend materials for the Library to buy.

  • let you know about changes, enhancements and all our news, using our website, Twitter, social media pages and notices in the Library.


We aim to:


  • let you borrow, renew and return library materials using self-service kiosks whenever the Library is open.

  • provide clear guidance on our website about how many items you can borrow and how long you can borrow them for.

  • let you know when library materials you have borrowed are due back.

  • allow you to manage your library borrowing account yourself, both on and off campus – including renewing books and paying fines.

  • return books to the shelves promptly when they have been returned [usually the same day].

  • allow you to reserve books that are on loan, so you can have them when they are returned.

  • let you know promptly if we believe you have any overdue library materials, or owe fines to us.

  • take account of your circumstances if you get into difficulties using the Library.


We aim to:


  • treat you with respect and consideration.

  • be open from 7.30am until midnight every day, except for the University close-down period around Christmas.

  • provide a clean, tidy and pleasant environment to work in.

  • provide you with different types of study environment [Zones] to suit different ways of studying and learning.

  • clearly mark the different zones of the Library, so you know where they are and how you are expected to behave in each zone.

  • enforce our regulations, to provide a suitable working environment for everyone.

  • provide bookable study rooms and booths for group tasks.

  • provide suitable computers – desktop machines and/or loanable laptops – and networks with access to University facilities.

  • provide printing and scanning facilities.

  • let you know about any changes to our opening or service hours, using our website, Twitter, social media pages and signs in the Library itself.


These are the Library Service Expectations (PDF) we deliver.

Last updated: 19/07/2022

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