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How to pay charges and fines

You can pay your charges and fines in the library or online.

You can pay at the Service Desk on level 1 or at the self-service kiosks on level 1 and 2. Please bring your student card, login credentials and a debit/credit card to pay your balance. The Library is cashless and will only accept card payments.

Alternatively, you can pay online via the e-store. You will need to manually input your charges and fines into the 'Amount (£)' section, which is auto-set to £1. Payments made via the eStore will not be credited to your account immediately. We aim to process online payments by the end of the next working day, so you will need to allow longer for your account to be updated over the weekend and during Bank Holidays / University closed periods.

Our fines

We only charge fines for items we've not been able to automatically renew, which then become overdue if they've not been returned. This helps everyone get access to books.

Our fines are:

Type of loan

Fine per day

Maximum fine amount

Standard loans and School Experience items

7 days penalty-free,
followed by £1.00 per day

up to £20.00 per item

Inter-library loans

£3.00 per day

up to £50.00 per item


£1.00 per hour

up to £50.00 per item

We send an email on the day your item is due back if it has not renewed. We also send 2 further emails reminding you to bring the item back within 7 days in order to avoid fines. If you don’t receive it, you are still responsible for returning items on time and for any fines. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your overdues, fines and other charges if you are finding it difficult to get into the library to return your books or you are in financial difficulty.

We send you reminders about overdues to your Birmingham Newman email address. If you still haven’t returned your overdue items within 5 weeks, we will contact you by phone and post.

Our last resort is to refer you to a debt collection agency.

Charges for lost and damaged items

Lost items

We will charge a replacement fee equivalent to the amount it will cost the Library to replace the item (capped at £40) plus a £5 processing charge when either:

  • an item becomes overdue by 5 weeks (inclusive of the 7-day fine-free period), or
  • you tell us that you have lost the item

whichever occurs first.

We will waive the overdue fines on lost items once you have paid the replacement fee.

Damaged items

If you return an item in a damaged condition, we will assess whether the damage caused during your loan of the item was avoidable and if the item is still usable.

If we decide that the damage was avoidable and the item is unusable, we will charge a replacement fee equivalent to the amount it will cost the Library to replace the item (capped at £40) plus a £5 processing charge. 

Library staff are very experienced at understanding the expected life and wear of books and we will use our discretion fairly before we apply any charges for replacement of damaged items.

Other charges

Charges for inter-library loans

We no longer charge for inter-library loan requests, or renewals of inter-library loans. However, you will be charged fines if you are late returning inter-library loans at a rate of £3.00 per item per day.

Charges for losing or damaging inter-library loans can be substantially higher than our charges and are at the discretion of the library that lent us the item.

Please read our inter-library loans pages for more details.

Postal Loans

Our standard charge for postal loans is £7.50 for up to 4 items. This is to cover postage and packing costs of us sending the books to you. It does not cover the cost of returning the books, which will remain your responsibility.

Please read our Postal Loans terms and conditions for more details.

Last reviewed: 14 August 2023

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