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Printing, Photocopying and Scanning in the Library

The printers in the Library are on the same network as other printers on campus. They are multi-function devices that also allow you to photocopy and scan documents.

You pay for printing and copying with an account linked to your IT Services network account. You can add credit to your account online via the IT eStore.

Scanning documents is free of charge.

The IT Services online guides give more information about how to use the Print Stations.

Copyright information for printing, scanning and photocopying

You must follow copyright and data protection legislation. Birmingham Newman holds several copyright licences, and these websites give information about licences and legislation:

We have put together some copyright information for students and for those making copies for personal use. If you are a member of staff making copies of resources for use in your teaching, please consult our more specialised copyright pages.

Help with Printing, Scanning and Photocopying

The multifunction devices for printing, photocopying and scanning are looked after by IT Services; but during staffed hours we may be able to help you with the most common functions of the devices.

We can replenish the paper trays if required, and can also provide you with coloured paper if you require this as an accessibility aid.

Please ask at the Service Desk on level 1 for any of these services.

If Library staff are unable to help you, then please email . You can also contact IT services on the phone at 0121 483 2293

Printing and Photocopier Credits

You must use the online e-store to top up your printer credits. Please note that top-ups can take up to 24 hours to be applied to your account, so we strongly recommend you plan ahead carefully if you need to print large amounts

Scanning is free of charge as it requires no ink or paper. Scans are saved directly to your user area on the University network. The larger a scanned file is, the longer it may take to appear, so bear this in mind when scanning items in high resolution or colour.

Printer credits are also managed by IT services. Library staff will not be able to help you with enquiries related to printer credits, including topping up for you of giving any refunds for credits, even if bought in error. You will need to speak to IT services in all instances.

Last reviewed: 14 August 2023

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